The Triangle Club serves as a meeting clubhouse for twelve-step recovery groups and is the home for over 20 Palm Beach County AA Groups hosting weekly meetings serving an estimated 58,000 recovering alcoholics. In addition, the Club provides reception areas, meeting space, and dinners such as General Services, Intergroup, and various wedding, anniversary, birthday, and memorial service functions.


​Our primary purpose is to provide a safe environment to support people in recovery. We host many events that are in a sober environment that continue to build on the fellowship and fun that we can have in recovery.

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our cafe

​The Triangle Club sets itself apart by offering a full cafe to serve anyone who walks through the doors for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just to fellowship! With a full menu, our cafe is open from 6:00am until the last meeting of the day! 

our mission

Our purpose is to provide a safe, secure, and sober environment in order to extend the reach of hope, encouragement, help and support to individuals and families affected by alcoholism. To maintain the clubhouse for members to meet for twelve-step work in privacy and comfort. To provide space for 12-Step groups’ meetings. We provide and promote social, recreational, and entertainment functions consistent with the overall aims of the Recovery community.


Many people do not know what the recovery process is. If you feel that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, AA might be for you. We offer a safe, sober environment for anyone in need. With over 40 meetings weekly, there is sure to be a meeting that is right for you. 

Harry Hamilton Foundation (HHF) was formed with 8 Trustees which initially include Harry’s son, several colleagues, business partners, Triangle Club trustees and Harry’s admirers. Peter Cummings is the lead Trustee and the designated signee for the Foundation. Funds raised by The HHF are housed at and managed by The Community Foundation of Palm Beach and Martin Counties, an IRS recognized 501-(c)3. Your donation to the Harry Hamilton Foundation is tax deductible to the full amount allowed in the year of receipt.

At the Community Foundation we have created two investment entities. One is a permanent endowment from which only income may be disbursed. The other is a ‘liquid’ fund from which HFF intends to distribute proceeds for the maintenance and improvement of the building housing The Triangle Club.

Our initial goal is to raise $250,000. Half of this amount will be distributed to the Club to fund pre-specified projects, mostly deferred maintenance. HHF will request a detailed list of those projects and will reserve the right to fund only those projects which the Foundation approves. The subsequent goal is to raise enough to cover the annual capital expenditure budget. Goal of this Phase Two is to raise funds to support an annual capital donation to the Club in the $30,000 to $50,000 range, and amount which the Club would typically spend on Capital projects.

You may donate by writing a check to The Harry Hamilton Foundation, or sending funds directly to The Community Foundation for the benefit of The Harry Hamilton Foundation. We will be pleased to help facilitate this donation and to provide the appropriate receipt for tax purposes. You may also make a pledge to provide annual donations to the fund over a period of years.

our history

The Triangle Inc. originated in 1961, renting a building in downtown West Palm Beach, which is commonly referred to "the 4th Street Building" by many long-time members.  After purchasing the building in 1982, the Triangle Club Inc. decided to move to Okeechobee Road in 1997, allowing the Triangle Club to continue to have the largest presence of A.A. meetings in Palm Beach County. For more history of the Triangle Club Inc., click here to see the full accounts of David A., a leading founder of the Triangle Club.